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    Two River Theatre Company

    The Jacob Landau Institute
    Based in Roosevelt, NJ, the Jacob Landau Institute strives to preserve legacy of Jacob Landau and extend his unique philosophy of education into our schools at all levels, as well as supporting and nurturing individual artists. The Jacob Landau Institute and Monmouth University have a cooperative agreement to create education programs that have far-reaching benefits for the growing artistic community and general population of Monmouth County, and beyond. 

    New Jersey Repertory Company 

    The Monmouth County Arts Council 
    The Monmouth County Arts Council and Monmouth University's Center for the Arts have established an arts/education collaboration to better serve the artistic, cultural and educational needs of Monmouth County, New Jersey, and beyond; and enhance the quality of life for educators, member groups, artists, students and the community at large. The goals of this collaboration are to: promote creativity and intellectual inquiry, and enhance the artistic and educational experiences through exposure to art; create opportunities for life long learning and access to the arts in a professional setting; and extend the reach of MCAC and MU in the community and to increase the general publics' accessibility, awareness and appreciation of the arts in central New Jersey