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  • Fact Sheet: Mental Wellness

    Wellness is the sense of total physical and mental well-being. This does not mean that you will be ecstatically happy everyday and not feel any stress, but that when the bumps in the road of life present themselves, you are prepared to handle them. Wellness lies in the person having a personal definition of wellness. It is a holistic, individual, strength-based, or positive approach to mental health. It can include body, mind, and spirit wellness as well as looking outside of the individual at the workplace, environment, and community.

    As each person is unique, their path to their own mental wellness will be also. Some may find an enhanced level of mental health while playing a musical instrument or listening to music, while another may find that the absence of sound is more suitable to them. While some people love the excitement of the city, others crave to be one with nature. The best part about finding your own path to wellness—is you can never be wrong! It is all part of your personal journey, your life script. You are the author.

    Suggestions for Finding Your Unique Path to Wellness

    • Practice a beneficial activity more frequently. You could remember to smile more often, especially at people who look like they need cheering up.
    • Launch a new activity. You might stop at a park on your way home from work and spend a few minutes to relax and unwind.
    • Replace an unhealthy choice with a healthy one. Instead of ordering a carbonated beverage or another cup of coffee, have a glass of water or fruit juice.
    • Eliminate a harmful choice. If you are a smoker, quit. This could be the most important health decision you ever make.
    • Reduce harmful practices gradually. If you have a strong sweet tooth and are not ready to completely eliminate sugar from your diet, just eat less of it as a start.
    • Listen to your inner voice. Pay attention to your feelings, emotions, and thoughts. Trust your intuition. Your inner voice will often help you find your direction, but you need to stop and listen.
    • Find a passion. Be open to new ideas, thoughts, and actions if you want to find a new passion.
    • Contribute to your community. Getting out of your own head and into the world can assist with finding a purpose, making a difference, and feeling good about yourself.
    • Reduce...Reuse...Recycle. Treating our environment well is a reflection of how we treat ourselves and others.
    • Create a vision for your future. If you don't know what your purpose in life is, start smaller. Make a list of things you want to do in your lifetime. Don't be shy about writing down wild schemes. If your first list is uninspiring, make another one. Keep making lists and look for any recurring themes.

    Additional information on mental wellness may be found on our Web-based Resources page.