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  • Media Organizations

    The student organizations and clubs contained within this list are the only organizations and clubs with official recognition by the University. Any other organization or club not having University recognition is not one that is supported by the University. Any organization or club not having University recognition may not state or infer such recognition by the University or use the University’s name or resources.

  • 88.9 WMCX (Radio Station)

    Monmouth University Box: Plangere Center Rm. 244

    Contact: Aaron Furgason

    Phone: 732-263-5254

    88.9 WMCX-FM, located in the Plangere Center, is a student-run radio station. It has 1,000 watts of power and transmits over a 35-mile radius. Its goal is to train students for future broadcasting careers. Music programming includes Rock n’ Roll, Alternative, Metal, Reggae, Dance, Soul, and R&B. WMCX-FM also features regular newscasts, talk shows, sporting events, and special interviews. Its staff is very diversified, coming from various fields of study, and is dedicated to making the station successful.

    Blue Hawk Records

    Monmouth University Box: c/o Office of Student Activities

    Contact: Joseph Rapolla

    Phone: 732-263-5214

    The purpose of Blue Hawk Records is to work with others motivated and like-minded individuals, as well as experienced industry professionals, for practical and portfolio experience as we dive into the art of music, the structure of business and how to mold artists into market material.

    Blue Hawks Studio

    Monmouth University Box: c/o Office of Student Activities

    Contact: George Wurzbach

    Phone: 718-427-3133

    The purpose of Blue Hawks Studio is to manage a recording studio for the use of Monmouth University, the Music Department, and Monmouth students; to run a teaching studio where students can develop recording skills; and to teach the business aspects of a recording studio such as booking, maintenance, and expansion.

    Hawk TV (Television)

    Monmouth University Box: Plangere Center Room 139

    Contact: Donna Dolphin/Robert Scott

    Phone: 732-571-4428/732-571-4430

    Membership in Hawk TV is open to all registered Monmouth students. Hawk TV’s purpose is to provide a medium that encourages and promotes responsible, creative broadcasting, and to therefore foster the advancement of television education at Monmouth University. Hawk TV is located in the Plangere Center.

    Monmouth Review

    Contact: Michael Waters/Mike Richison

    Phone: 732-263-5896 / 732-263-5637

    The Monmouth Review is the University’s official magazine for creativity in writing, art, and graphic design. Edited and produced by students since 1957, the Monmouth Review publishes poetry, short fiction, art, and photography created by Monmouth University students, staff, administrators, and alumni. In addition to publishing the magazine, the Monmouth Review sponsors on- and off-campus speakers, and promotes literary and artistic expression. All students are invited to contribute their works and talents.

    Shadows (Yearbook)

    Monmouth University Box: 62

    Contact: Amy Bellina/Michael Maiden

    Phone: 732-571-3586/732-263-5285

    The Shadows yearbook is the official student-planned and produced yearbook on campus. Students learn fundamentals in layout, copywriting, and management skills. From creating the theme of the yearbook to picture taking, the students have the ultimate say.

    The Outlook (Newspapers)

    Monmouth University Box: Plangere Center Rm. 240

    Contact: John Morano

    Phone: 732-571-4424

    The Outlook is the student newspaper of Monmouth University. It has been student-run since 1933. It is published weekly, with staff meetings held every Wednesday at 3 p.m. The office is located in the Plangere Center. The Outlook covers all the news, sports, entertainment, and opinions on campus. The Outlook has received national awards from Columbia University for news coverage and layout. The newspaper is open to all students, regardless of major or experience

    The Verge (Online News Portal)

    Monmouth University Box: 18

    Contact: Marina Vujnovic

    Phone: 732-263-5667

    The purpose of The Verge Student News Portal is to provide the Monmouth University community with information concerning issues in and around the University and to serve as a forum for expression of the ideas of its audience, to provide experience for students interested in journalism, communication, and other tech and multimedia reports; and to grant campus recognition of the achievements of students, faculty, and student organizations.