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    FreshStart is a mentoring program for our incoming Freshmen Senators. The program is designed to provide guidance and support to the new students who are elected to the Senate during the fall semester.

    Incoming freshmen who are interested in running for one of the 6 Freshmen Senator vacancies are asked to complete a FreshStart application before the fall election in September. Candidates then interview with the Senate during the first week of the fall term. After the Senate meets with all of the candidates, they select 6 students from the pool of applicants to serve as Freshmen Senators for that academic year.

    An important part of the FreshStart program are the upperclassmen from SGA who are paired up with the new Senators. They serve as mentors providing guidance and support to the new members as they learn their way around SGA. Through this ongoing interaction, the new Senators are able to develop a better understanding of: how SGA works, who its members are, how they can get fully connected to SGA, and how they will be able to play an active role with SGA.

    If you are going to be an incoming freshmen and would like to learn more about SGA and the FreshStart Program, complete our online FreshStart application form.

    For more information about the FreshStart Program, feel free to call SGA at 732-571-3484 or send an e-mail to: