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  • Educational Opportunity Fund Program



    The mission of Monmouth University's Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) Program is to provide access to higher education to highly motivated New Jersey students from families/communities disadvantaged by low income. The EOF program provides full-time admission and the financial and academic support needed to maintain continued enrollment through graduation. This support includes grants and scholarships minimizing the financial burden of college attendance and services designed to foster academic success, promote personal and social responsibility and community awareness, and involve students in connecting their education to the world of work and graduate study.

    In order to receive EOF funding, you must enroll as a full-time student carrying a minimum of 12 credits per semester.

    The EOF Staff of Monmouth University:

    Alexis Delgado, Director of the Educational Opportunity Fund Program

    Elizabeth O'Brien, Counselor

    Jared Carrier, Counselor

    Gillian Scott, Counselor

    Al Fure, EOF Mathematics Specialist

    Cherryl Guker, EOF Office Coordinator

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