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  • Employment: Graduate

    Graduate Assistantships

    This program provides on-campus employment in a variety of settings to eligible students. Assistantships are generally awarded to outstanding graduate students who have completed at least the first semester of enrollment. Recipients may attend either part-time or full-time. The total amount of an assistantship is included in the student's financial aid package, and is combined with other resources in the package (e.g., scholarship, student loans, etc.). This combined total aid, including the assistantship, cannot exceed the annual cost of tuition and fees.

    Click here for additional information and requirements for Graduate Assistantships.

    On-Campus Employment

    The University offers a limited number of part-time on-campus jobs. Students are compensated at a competitive wage, dependent upon the skills required to perform the assigned tasks. Generally, students in this non-need based employment program are limited to a maximum number of 20 hours per week. Interested students should contact the Office of Student Employment at 732-571-3471.