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    Peer Tutors must be engaged in undergraduate work at Monmouth University and have a minimum overall GPA of 3.5 or higher; must have earned a "B" or better to tutor specific courses. Peer tutors are needed every academic year for many courses at all academic levels including biology, chemistry, nursing, physics, health studies, math, business accounting, economics, finance, marketing, foreign language, education, psychology, criminal justice, communications, history, political science, sociology, and information technology.

    Tutors must be students who excel in their areas of expertise and be willing to promote and foster independent learning and thinking to enhance confidence in their tutees. The goal of each tutorial is to assist students in developing strategies that will help strengthen their knowledge, develop transferable learning skills, and achieve academic success.

    Becoming a peer tutor will give you the opportunity to work on campus with a very flexible schedule while assisting other students to achieve academic success at Monmouth University. In addition to the benefits of helping your peers, peer tutors will be paid $8.44/hour for individual sessions and $12.25/hour for group sessions, which are formed for high-demand courses. Peer tutors positions are held for one academic year granted the tutors retains requirements necessary to be a peer tutor.

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