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Resistance is Futile? Social Influence in Everyday Life

Professor: J. Nye


Term: Fall

Year: 2013

Course Code: FY-101-PY04

We live in a society that celebrates the individual; our cultural heroes are made up of revolutionaries, nonconformists, and trouble makers. At the same time, each of us feels incredible pressure to conform to the expectations and values of our society. How do we live under the pressure of these two competing forces? Somehow we manage. This course will focus on how humans walk this fine line every day, bending to the will of social forces at times and resisting them at others--and sometimes contributing to these forces, ourselves. Course readings and activities will focus on what social scientists have learned about the powerful social forces that shape humans in both positive and negative directions. These social forces will also be examined in terms of how they affect the lives of college students. In particular, we will note the academic, social, personal, and professional transformation that occurs in you as you integrate yourself into the Monmouth University community.