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Atlantic Crossings and Soul Food

Professor: O. Agbajoh-Laoye


Term: Fall

Year: 2013

Course Code: FY-101-PL02

Moving from high school/home to college is like a mini-journey into a new world. It involves changes in food choices and eating habits. You may miss food from home or find new foods to try. This course will focus on your transition into a college community while exploring food as an important part of our identity, heritage and community. As groups of people migrated to America from Europe, Africa, South Asia, the Middle East and the Caribbean, the foods they brought provided comfort in a world far away. Did your ancestors bring foods or customs from another part of the world? What do phrases like “food for the soul,” “food for thought” and “bread of knowledge” mean? Join us as we explore the Atlantic Crossings of many ethnic populations while we also explore your transition into college life.