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Walkabouts: Coming of Age in the Modern World

Professor: M. Moscaliuc


Term: Fall

Year: 2013

Course Code: FY-101-EN02

We will read works of fiction, poetry, and drama about coming-of-age experiences from around the world, and examine these texts with three main goals: 1) to see how diverse transitions from childhood to adulthood share common features while remaining deeply particularized from culture to culture and from individual to individual; 2) to understand how cultural, historical, and political contexts, as well as questions of race, ethnicity, socio-economics, religion, and gender orientation inform one’s transition into adulthood; our readings will reveal how personal trauma, domestic or historical violence, racism, injustice, or displacement compounds the difficulties of an already complicated journey; 3) to become cognizant of the various ways in which we can manage and make good use of this transitional period. We will extend our discussions about literature to consider our positions as both participants in and witnesses to coming-of-age experiences, with special emphasis on resources, responsibilities, and ethics.