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Made in the USA ... Not!

Professor: H. Bludau


Term: Fall

Year: 2013

Course Code: FY-101-AN02

Look around your home. Where were your possessions made? Your iPhone was probably made in China, your jeans in Cambodia. Where was your food grown or raised? Broccoli from Guatemala and shrimp from Thailand are easily found in your local grocery store. Who made your t-shirt? How and why did these items end up in your home? Made in the USA…Not! will explore these questions and more through an anthropological lens. Students will develop critical thinking skills through examining the full context of global manufacturing and production, focusing specifically on their own position in the commodity chain. During the course of the semester, the class will discuss topics concerning the objectification of goods, global trade, natural resources and tourism. We will consider the ethical components of issues such as sweatshops, modern slavery, ecotourism and foreign aid. Using a variety of anthropological texts, films, activities and projects, students will leave this course with a broader understanding of the global interconnections in which they take part.