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The Story of the Book

Professor: G. Germek


Term: Fall

Year: 2012

Course Code: FY-101-EN03

Are books really dead? Are libraries dinosaurs? Will iPads and e-readers wipe out everything from newspapers to textbooks? Find out with The Story of the Book, a course that examines the ceaseless saga of written communication and preservation of knowledge from antiquity through to the 21st century. You'll be introduced to our rich and diverse print culture, and examine the creation, production, distribution, and reception of books and their forms - from ancient clay tablets and Medieval manuscripts to novels, e-books, modern e-text readers, and works designed solely for the iPad. Traditional classroom instruction will be accompanied by regular visits to the Monmouth University Library's Special Collections Reading Room, where you'll be offered a holistic opportunity to touch and feel real works made of animal skin, ancient paper, and illuminated manuscript leaves adorned with gold and lapis lazuli. You'll work closely with precursors to the modern novel, rare books, modern graphic novels, Harlequin romances, and tales designed exclusively for e-readers.