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The Law and Your Life

Professor: P. Reinhart


Term: Fall

Year: 2012

Course Code: FY-101-BL01

As first year students, many have recently reached the age of 18. As legal adults, they are now subject to all the laws that affect all people age 18 or over. This course will introduce students to the basic laws that will impact them during their college years and beyond. It will also address the ethical issues of transitioning from a high school student to a university student, as well as a member of society. The course will cover the fundamental laws relating to the expected major events in their personal lives from their first year in college until death including constitutional rights, privacy rights, contracts, crimes, torts, buying or renting a home, marital rights and obligations, borrowing and investing, taxes, employment, insurance, consumer rights and estate administration. Guest speakers will participate in class who are practicing lawyers, judges, and others who deal with all aspects of the law as it affects students as citizens.