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I Fought the Law and I Won: Debating Legal Rights in the 21st Century

Professor: G. Bordelon


Term: Fall

Year: 2012

Course Code: FY101-PS01

Aristotle's Politics argues that political debate is the most highly valued political skill because it is through debate that we are able to carry reason into action. Debate is the public vehicle by which we make decisions that impact all members of society. Debates echo in the halls of Congress, in trial courts across the land, and in executive offices, because it is through the art of debate that we are able to test the veracity of what we believe to be true. Some even believe it is better to debate questions without settling them than it is to settle questions without debating them. This first-year seminar course blends an emphasis on legal principles associated with American Civil Liberties with the art of Policy Debate in an attempt to help build honest and competent leaders at Monmouth University.