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Working with Attitudes: Teambuilding and Collaboration

Professor: J. Mosca and A. Fazzari


Term: Fall

Year: 2011

Course Code: FY-101-BM04

This course is designed to show us that we are truly DYNAMIC individuals, and that change and growth can be a positive part of collegiate life. You will be introduced to the benefits of working collaboratively in a group as a team. You will work on high-involvement activities and projects critical to increasing your self-awareness and interdependence. By working in a team you will: enhance your critical thinking and decision-making skills; broaden your base of information; learn the art of consensus building; heighten your communication and listening skills; conduct an ongoing effectiveness assessment; formulate and strengthen your values; create a cultural foundation; become accountable to others; set, agree upon, and attain goals; and manage your ethical and moral behavior for the good of the group.