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Underwear Goes Inside the Pants

Professor: D. Rhoads


Term: Fall

Year: 2011

Course Code: FY-101-BY02

This First Year Seminar takes its name and starting point for content from a 2004 song by the band Lazyboy. Through readings, presentations, essays, and discussion, students will explore ethical issues dealing with experiences likely to be encountered in college as well as those for which the song Underwear Goes Inside the Pants is rich in content. Issues range from the illegality of some natural drugs to the ubiquitous “pushing” of prescription drugs in TV ads, and on to some of the most pervasive physical manifestations of societal ills, the obesity “epidemic” and homelessness, concluding with the callous rebuke of a homeless man, who happens to be wearing his underwear outside his pants, to “get a job.” Two of the issues, drug use and obesity, will be explored for their biological content, as will the additional topics of learning and stress. The course will help introduce important aspects of college life and university resources.