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The Global Commons: Energy and the Environment

Professor: R. Nersesian and M. Protono


Term: Fall

Year: 2011

Course Code: FY-101-BM02

This course is an expansive exploration of the human environment and the technological, economic, political, and ethical challenges that confront the business sector as it seeks to extend the high-energy consuming Western lifestyle to every corner of the globe. How can business satisfy the energy consumption demands of the present without irreparably depleting the earth's resources and leaving future generations in the lurch? Are renewable sources of energy a possibility or merely a pipe dream? Team taught by an energy expert and an ethicist, this course explores environmental sustainability in all of its aspects. The course perspective is that of responsible corporate managers and business leaders determined to uphold their individual and collective responsibilities to serve as stewards of the human environment while meeting the legitimate expectations of the economic and non-economic stakeholders who look to business to provide an ever-increasing array of life-enhancing goods and services.