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Playbooks and Checkbooks: An Introduction to the Economics of Sports

Professor: P. O'Halloran


Term: Fall

Year: 2011

Course Code: FY-101-BE01

This course is an exploration of the history, economics and business of professional and amateur sports. Although this course mainly focuses on the economics of sports, we will trace the history and development of modern sports from the Olympics of ancient Greece to the multibillion dollar professional sports industry of today. Furthermore, we will investigate the organization of leagues and their market structures as well as government policy with regard to the regulation of sports. We will also explore the labor market for sports professionals and determine if players are worth the tremendous amounts many of them receive, evaluate labor-management relations, and the link between performance and pay. We will also consider many ethical issues in modern sports as well as potential future developments and explore the role of sports in the modern global economy. Lastly, we will explore the pivotal role played by modern media and the ‚Äúprofessionalization‚ÄĚ of collegiate sports.