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Urban Coast Institute

Coastal Water Quality Real-Time Monitoring Program

The Urban Coast Institute is operating a network of eight long-term, near real-time water quality monitoring stations in the northern estuaries of New Jersey in collaboration with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Bureau of Marine Water Monitoring (NJDEP BWM), Barnegat Bay Partnership, Monmouth County Board of Health, local and regional watershed management groups, and other partners.

The Continuous Monitoring Stations utilize the YSI 6600 Multiparameter Data Sonde. The sensors include a Clark-type Rapid Pluse YSI 6562 DO probe or a YSI 6150 ROX Optical DO probe, a YSI 6560 conductivity/temperature probe, a 6561 pH probe, a 6136 turbidity probe, and a 6025 chlorophyll probe.

Each is equipped with the Clean Sweep Extended Deployment System (EDS), which is comprised of a brush that sweeps across the sensors at set intervals to dislodge any fouling organisms or material that has settled on the sensors. This feature ensures better quality data over longer deployment periods in areas with high fouling rates.

Download the Water Quality Monitoring Fact Sheet.


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The Urban Coast Institute would like to thank:

  • EPA Region II for their initial support in establishing the network.
  • Farleigh S. Dickinson Jr. Foundation for their operational support.
  • Barnegat Bay Partnership for funding of 4 stations in Barnegat Bay.
  • NOAA Coastal Services Center for support of the 4 northern stations.
  • Rapid Response Institute for web visualization development.
  • Center for Maritime System at Stevens Institute of Technology for backup web hosting.
  • Mr. Sandy Huntsman ’58 for support of the Navesink River Station.