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  • Online Peer Tutor Training Program

    Congratulations on being selected to work as a peer tutor for Monmouth University’s Tutoring Services. You have an incredible opportunity as a peer tutor to offer your knowledge of a specific field of study and your academic experience to other students who seek such excellence for themselves.

    In order to continue to be an effective tutor, it is important that you complete the following training program. It will take you approximately 1 hour to complete all 8 modules. We look forward to working with you as a peer tutor this semester.


    Module 1: The Tutor's Role

    Module 2: Positive Reinforcement

    Module 3: Listening Skills

    Module 4: The Student's Ideas

    Module 5: Importance of Student Verbalization

    Module 6: Questioning Skills

    Module 7: Helping the Student Become an Independent Learner

    Module 8: Direct Techniques


    The available training videos are formatted for Windows Media Player. If you don't have this media player installed, please click on the logo at right to download the latest plug-in for your browser.



    Tutor Training Self-Test