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    Monmouth University's Department of English gives students the opportunity to study literature, writing, and rhetoric in a supportive and engaging intellectual community of faculty and peers. English majors and minors are encouraged to pursue their interests under the direction of dedicated and accomplished faculty mentors both inside and outside the classroom, and can choose from a range of programs and courses offerings in the areas of literature, creative writing and professional writing. Students will enhance their close reading and analytical skills as they encounter the pleasures and possibilities found in reading literary works of aesthetic and cultural value. A major or minor in English enables students to develop critical awareness that prepares them for careers in the areas of teaching, law, business, publishing, writing, and administration, and most importantly, lays the foundation for a lifelong engagement with the versatility, power, and beauty of language.

  • Rao London

    Meet Ali Rao


    Allie Rao is a current student at Monmouth University with a double major in English and Education.  Recently, Allie studied abroad at Regent's College where she took five courses and explored the many wonders of London.  Speaking about her experience, Allie said: "I was in London during my junior year fall semester where I took: Women's Literature; Understanding World Cinema; Musical Theater; Gender, Sexuality, and Religion; and Contemporary Religion. Of all the classes, my favorite was Musical Theater."  Allie explained that in Musical Theater, she had the opportunity to visit the Globe Theater, where some of William Shakespeare's most exciting plays debuted.  Mentioning that she saw The Twelfth Night , Allie added: "I stood right in front of that stage like they would have in the time of Shakespeare."  Situated near Regent's College is 221 B Baker Street, the home of the infamous Sherlock Holmes, a character immortalized by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  Discussing Sherlock Holmes, Allie said: "I visited the Sherlock Holmes's Museum, which was awesome!"

    "There was so much to do in London!" Allie said, summarizing her experience. "Two of my favorite places to visit were the Tate Modern Museum where you could look out at the London skyline and the Tower of London. I must have gone there twice. There was nothing like it. While there, you stand on a conveyer belt, like the ones you would see in an airport, and you have a chance to see all of the crown jewels as well as the coronation spoon." 

    Allie's experience was truly transformative: "Going to London changed my life. I know this is cliché but it's so true. My experience was rewarding and enriching. It's something I would recommend to all of my friends. You not only get to learn about the history and the culture of another country but you get to meet some amazing people!"  Among the many lessons of study abroad was self-confidence: "After traveling abroad, I feel more confident in myself and my abilities. In London I had to step outside of my comfort zone which is never an easy thing to do. I learned how to stand on my feet and to be independent. Your whole life, you get told that you can achieve anything you want. Well, it's true! I felt so empowered when I returned home. Studying abroad in London was the experience of a lifetime." Allie looks forward to traveling more in the future, and to incorporating her experiences into her own approach as a future teacher.