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October 20, 2010 | 4:30 PM | Hawk TV Studios

Free Event


directed by Donna M. Nudd Wed.

CO-SPONSORS OF EVENT: Disabilities Awareness Month Committee, The Department of Communication, CommWorks: Students Committed to Performance, Office of Student Activities

DESCRIPTION OF SHOW: Not quite blind as a bat, but definitely deaf as a doornail, Terry Galloway is the modern medical accident who's asking tough questions about disability, queerness, performance, and more in Out All Night and Lost My Shoes, one of the foundational texts in the history of disability performance. It's one hour of pure, energetic theater that mixes poetry, storytelling, stand- up, New Vaudeville and plain old corny vaudeville in a charged, moving celebration of life – hers and that of all oddballs.

Artist bios:

Terry Galloway (writer/performer) is a little "d" deaf, queer writer and performer. She gained a reputation for playing comic male roles on stage (and off) as a performer and Research Associate of the University of Texas' alternative Shakespeare Festival, Shakespeare at Winedale; and at Esther's Follies, the longest running musical comedy theater in the Southwest, of which she was a founding member. In New York she wrote and performed mixed drag cabarets and one woman shows for venues as diverse as American Place Theater to W.O.W. Cafe. Her plays and performance pieces, including Heart of a Dog, Out All Night and Lost My Shoes, Lardo Weeping and In the House of the Moles, have since been produced around the world in venues ranging from the Xteresa in Mexico City and the Zap Club in Brighton, England. Her writing life has been as varied as her performing life and she has published dozens of articles, poems, personal essays and monologues in magazines, books, and journals including Texas Monthly, the Austin Chronicle, The American Voice, Cast Out: Queer Lives in Theater, Sleepaway: Writers on Summer Camp and With Wings, an anthology of writing by women with disabilities. Her memoir, Mean Little Deaf Queer, was published by Beacon Press in 2009.

Donna Marie Nudd (Director/Dramaturge) is a Professor in the Department of Communication at Florida State University. Her essays have appeared in numerous academic journals and books. She has served as director and dramaturge for Terry Galloway's one-woman shows that were produced in Edinburgh, London, New York, Toronto, Mexico City and numerous alternative venues throughout the U.S. In 1987, Donna Marie Nudd also co-founded an alternative theatre/media company, the Mickee Faust Club, with Terry Galloway in Tallahassee, Florida. The Club's most recent work is a compilation of comic disability-themed video shorts called Mickee Faust's Gimp Parade. In 2000, Nudd and Galloway jointly received a lifetime achievement award, the "Leslie Irene Coger Award" from the National Communication Association for their distinguished record of work in performance.

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Hawk TV Studios, ArtNow: Art, Performance, and Technology