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    Programs and Camps

    Literacy Center Program (Grades K-12)

    The Literacy Center Program is designed to determine children's strengths and weaknesses in literacy as well as to provide instruction in reading and writing strategies. This program is primarily for those children who are struggling with literacy skills in school. More information please contact Shadlyne St. Fleur at or 732-571-4417 and provide your child's name, grade, age, as well as your phone number and email. There are two clinics: writing (EDL 526) and reading (EDL 585). Please be aware that the number of children admitted into the program depends upon enrollment in the courses associated with the clinics.

    Athletic Camps

    A variety of camps are available for multiple audiences.

    Other Programs, Workshops, and Camps

    In addition to the program, workshops, and camps that will be offered by Monmouth University, non-affiliated organizations also hold camps and events on campus during the summer. Youth camps and programs include youth leadership camps, tennis camps, cheer and dance team camps, and field hockey camps. Adult programs include a music workshop and more.

    For more information concerning one of programs listed above, contact Monmouth University's Office of Conference and Event Services at 732-571-3473