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  • How To Get Started...

    • Attend a "First Step Meeting" to learn about the study abroad opportunities available for Monmouth students. These meetings are held during the few weeks of each semester, and everyone is welcome to attend. If you decide that you want to go abroad the following semester, you will be advised to download the Information Packet that pertains to your country/program of interest. You will also find the host institution application and  and course offerings under the appropriate country tab.  You will cross reference the available courses abroad with the Monmouth equivalency list. 
    • Read the Student Stories that are categorized by country. Find out what students say about their experience, where they traveled, how much they spent, and how study abroad has impacted their life.
    • Check your Monmouth e-mail often for study abroad-related information including "First Step Meeting" times and locations.
    • Visit the Study Abroad Office to meet with former study abroad students who volunteer as 'Study Abroad Peer Ambassadors'.  They are passionate about their experience and will spend time mentoring you through the application process and beyond.  Find answers to all of your questions and guidance on who to contact regarding specific issues.
    • Read the section on Essential Steps so you understand the advising process for courses.
    • Read FAQs for Students for additional information.


    • Plan ahead. The sooner you know where and when you want to go, the better. Since course offerings abroad are usually fewer than on campus, you may want to learn about the types of courses you can take while abroad. If you have a few elective or general education courses remaining to take, it generally makes it easier to put together a schedule.
    • Keep up your grade point average (GPA). You need a minimum GPA of 2.75 to apply.
    • Begin a study abroad savings account for extra money. Most students travel extensively within the host city as well as to many other nearby cities and countries. If you begin saving in advance, you will have less stress finding spending money, and you will be able to see more while abroad.


    Study Abroad Office

    Student Center, First Floor

    Robyn Asaro, Assistant Director of Study Abroad

    732-263-5377 or