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Student Employment

Student Employee Recognition

National Student Employment Appreciation Week 2020!

  Monmouth pays tribute to our student employees for all of your hard work, dedication, contributions, leadership, attitude, and work ethic!

Biology Department would like to thank, “Katie, Tiffany, Jesse, and Erin, thanks for all that you do to help our facility thrive.”


Career Services would like to thank Max Sobrano and Jackie Barton for all their hard work and enthusiasm this year. You make our team special and we appreciate all that you do! Congratulations Max, on receiving your MBA.  We will miss you and are excited to see what the future holds for you! Jackie, we are so happy you will be continuing to work with us through the summer and next year!


To our all of our ROCK STAR students, we adore you and value your time here with us at the Center for the Arts! You know who you are – Syed, Heather, Erica, Nizhe, Shadiyah, Josh, Kimberly, Natali, Fradely, Rachel, Miriam, Kel, Matthew, Rita, Ghada, Kayla, Dally, Nick, Victoria, Amanda, Gabriela, Ray, Dominique, Zykeem, John and Azalia!!!! We are lucky to have you on our team, THANK YOU!


The Department of Chemistry & Physics THANKS YOU for your dedication and hard work!

  • Chemistry Lab Assistants: Brittney Bobowski, Cassandra Fauber, Amalia Giraldo Llano, Danielle Guillen, Grace Haemmerle, Adam Hansen, Antonella Henson-Vendrell, Brianna Hough, Angelique Ithier, Roxy Nicoletti, Alyssa Piesco, Amanda Prascsak, Sarina Mack, Zaynah Muhammad, Kaitlyn Murtha,     Nimra Nadeem, Taylor Nason, Emma Prusak, Julian Rebelo, Isaac Seruya, Laura Sine, Victoria Soltys, James Tomasello, Danielle Wuss
  • Laboratory Stockroom Assistants: Ivy Chance, Olivia Enny, Olenka Mallqui, Angelina Sawicki, Linda Schneider
  • NMR Assistants:  Jessica Baals, Nicole Martir
  • Physics Lab Assistant:  Thomas Melfi
  • Science of Food & Cooking Assistants:  Mercedes Concepcion Moronta, Lauren Fairchild


The Department of Disability Services would like to thank Alyssa, Courtney, Evan, Jenna, Kristen and Santiago.  We sincerely appreciate all your hard work and dedication.


 School of Education- We appreciate all you do for us! Shannon O., Alyssa M., Amanda B., Grace B. A


“The EOF Staff would like to thank our student Office Assistants – Yani, Stephanie, Ysabel, Scharina and Brayan for all their efforts and support.  You bring fresh ideas and diverse talents to our department! Yani, as you graduate, we will miss you but we certainly wish you all the successes you dream of!”


Office of the General Counsel, the Office of Equity and Diversity and the Office of Internal Audit.

A smile and a warm hello

A work ethic that makes things flow

Scanning and shredding and answering phones too,

It all helps us by making our jobs easier to do.

You bring your positive attitude to work each day

And so with that we’d like to say,

“THANK YOU” Morgan Thompson and Angelica Bialy

For all your hard work and professionalism!


 The History & Anthropology Department- Thomas & Graciela, Thank you for “holding the fort” this year!


To Nadine and Jayleen,

You’ve both worked hard

and deserve our praise.

We only wish we could

give you a raise!

How you do it

is not a guess.

You’re both simply,


from, the Health Services staff


The Outlook would like to thank Katie, Angela, Davina, Alex, Yosef, Joseph and Caroline for their hard work every week!  You guys are the best!!!”


Office of the Dean, School of Science: Bradie and Jesse,

Thank you so very much for being a part of the dean’s office and for everything you do for us.  We miss you and hope to see you soon!  Be well and take care.


The Speech-Language Pathology Department– Kaitlyn Dunn, Kaitlyn Hogan, Gina Raccuglia, and Elaine Nunez: Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the Speech-Language Pathology Department.  We truly appreciate everything you have done for us this 2019-2020 school year!! Yours Truly, Trish Bartlett, Dr. Remshifski, Dr. Raj, Professor Bonner, Professor Givney, and Professor Farr


MU Story Time!

Read. Craft. Snack. Repeat.

Alexander Rodriguez, Samantha Hanley, Alyssa Mata, Jordin Cinelli, Marisa Cueto – you are all so dynamic.  Story Time has such a committed team.

Alex AKA –“Founding Father”

Sam AKA President

Marisa AKA Fundraising Director

Jordan AKA Arts/Crafts Expert

Alyssa AKA Flyer Creator and Head Reader

Thank you to special guests Rowan and Kelly & alum, Kayla!

Thank you for Mr. Kurt Wagner for the social media blasts and yummy snacks!!  The Library staff are all so supportive too!  Thank you!

Thank you to all of our student workers in the Student Activities Department.


Abdoul-Halim M. Hisseine

Amber Galati

Annabella B. Marte

Bianca Zazzarini-Leon

Chelsey Peniston

Chibuzo Amonu

Chinonye Gabriel

Daniel Schwartz

Danielle R. Seaman

Danielle Steff

Edward Atkinson

Hafsa Ijaz

Hannah Padron


Hunter M. Beides

James M. Daley

Joseph Falzini

Juan Bazante

Kayla R. Style

Lauren Kelly

Montel Johnson

Muge U. Gore

Nathaly Horvaht

Nicholas S. Salcedo

Rebecca J. Berzins

William J. Dailey

Yoshua Morales


Student Employment – Our workers help us and the program constantly.  Thank you for your great ideas and your positive attitudes and helpful publicity.  Thank you to Daniella, Madison N., Alex, Madison H. and we are glad to have Sam back from Study Abroad!  Thank you to special guests, Fradely, Marissa and Mia.  We cannot thank you all enough.  You make our office shine!


Office of Transfer & Undeclared Services- “Kristen – thank you for all that you do! You have been a huge asset to our team and we are really going to miss you!” “Natalia – thanks for being awesome from day one! We are so grateful to have you in our office!”


To all of the my Tutoring Services student employees- Thank you for all that you do to serve and support other students at Monmouth University. You’re the best! Sincerely, Dorothy M. Cleary, Director


Thank you to our amazing student employees- Kyle, Destini, Natasha, Alex, Abbe, Brittany, Abigale, Alexis, Gabriella, Jessica, Angela, Arlene, Brianna, Will, Julia, Lily, Fabi, Regina, Tara, and Chyna. We are so grateful for your customer-oriented professionalism, positive attitudes, attention to detail, creativity, and willingness to take on whatever project we throw at you that day. You are the backbone of our Store and truly the hardest working Students on campus! Love, The University Store


Victoria DeMarco, THANK YOU!   You are one in a million and WMCX is so grateful you are part of our team.


On behalf of all of us in the World Languages Department, we wish to thank you, Nicole for your dedication, and professionalism as you stepped into the role of Receptionist several days a week during the academic year. You have assisted in the most mundane jobs and did it with a smile on your face! We can’t express how much this means to us and you should be recognized for it! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for each and every year that you have continued to be an asset to our workload. To Rachel, our new member of our department, we thank you for joining us and appreciate your assistance in the few times that you were scheduled to step into this vital role, as well. We look forward to working with you in your future semesters at Monmouth!