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So You Want to Start a Club?

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Student Clubs and Organizations are officially approved groups by Monmouth University. The Office of Student Activities and the Student Government Association (SGA) work together when students are interested in forming new groups.

The following outlines the formal process in place to approve a new student group:

Step 1

Meet with the Office of Student Activities to discuss your idea for this potential club. Send an email to to request this meeting.

Step 2

Submit an Interest Group Request form noting the ideas and purpose of the potential club.

Step 3

If approved, it now becomes an interest group.

Step 4

Hold up to two meetings as an interest group to let other students know about the group and possibly join. Reach out to and secure a potential club advisor, who must be a current faculty or staff member.

Step 5

Submit a roster and a constitution for review. Student Activities may have edits and suggestions.

Step 6

The Chief Justice of SGA will reach out to you to help you prep for your SGA committee meeting.

Step 7

Meet with SGA committee for official review.

Step 8

Await decision(s) from SGA and the associate director of athletics for intramurals and recreation, if a club sport.