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Student Activities

Recognition of New Student Clubs & Organizations

Potential New Organizations:

Students that would like to create a new organization should attend one of the weekly potential new club meetings hosted by the Office of Student Activities to discuss details for club formation. For University recognition, both the Office of Student Activities and Student Center Operations AND the Student Government Association must approve the process. Potential club sports will ultimately need approval from the Associate Athletic Director for Recreation, Intramurals, and Club Sports following SGA approval.

All potential new clubs or organizations must complete the following:

  1. Attend a potential new club meeting with the Director of Student Activities and Student Center Operations to discuss the club details. Please note that you will be asked to complete a Preliminary Verification Form to receive SGA preliminary approval to start an interest group. Please see the Office of Student Activities and Student Center Operations to find out when the meetings are held.
  2. After meeting with the Director, group members should cooperatively write a constitution for the organization according to the guidelines given. Please see Appendix A for the basic requirements for a constitution and Appendix B for a sample Constitution. Also, please see “General Recognition Guidelines for All Organizations.” The Director or the Chief Justice of the Student Government Association can assist with structuring the constitution. The Chief Justice can be reached at the Student Government office at 732-923-4714 or 4715.
  3. The group must complete a Roster. In addition to the information regarding members, the Roster must include the name, campus extension and signature of a willing faculty/staff member to serve as a club advisor. Every organization must have a faculty or staff advisor.
  4. Upon completion, the Constitution (in paper format and electronically) and Roster Form must be submitted to the Student Government Association (SGA) for review by their Judicial Board. Choose representatives from the potential club to present your organization to the SGA for approval. The appointment time will be scheduled through the Chief Justice of the SGA.
  5. Once the constitution is approved by the SGA and the Director of Student Activities and Student Center Operations, the new club is required to follow general recognition guidelines for all student clubs and organizations (please see the following page for details). Potential club sports must complete the approval process with the Associate Director of Athletics for Intramurals, Recreation, and Club Sports.
  6. Organizations that have received formal recognition and have been active at least one semester may submit a budget request for operating funds to the SGA. Please see the financial section of this handbook for further information.

General Recognition Guidelines for All Student Clubs and Organizations

In order for an organization to receive and maintain recognition with the University via the Student Government Association and the Office of Student Activities and Student Center Operations, the following guidelines must be followed:

  1. The Constitution or by-laws must state that MEMBERSHIP must be open to all currently enrolled students at the University, as well as all faculty members, staff, or administrators at the University (Required of all non-fraternal, clubs, and organizations).
  2. All clubs and organizations must have a faculty/staff advisor employed at Monmouth University.
  3. All members of an organization must be enrolled at Monmouth as students in good standing.
    • No student on disciplinary probation (as defined by the Student Handbook) may hold an elected office or be eligible for an honor award in an organization.
    • Undergraduate students must have a cumulative 2.0 grade point average to hold an office, and graduate students must be in good academic standing to hold an office. Organizations may require a higher GPA if desired; at no time, however, is an organization allowed to set a lower GPA requirement.
    • For a club sport all students much be registered for at least 12 credits as an undergrad and six credits as a graduate student, have a 2.0 GPA, and not be under any disciplinary probation. For more information please refer to the club sport handbook.
  4. The following forms must be completed and returned to the Office of Student Activities and Student Center Operations and SGA throughout the school year when applicable:
    1. Rosters must be submitted in at the start of each semester: September and January, and as changes in your organization’s membership occur (See Appendix C). All clubs and organizations are required to submit rosters to the Office of Student Activities and Student Center Operations. Failure to submit rosters at the appropriate time may result in restriction of funds and/or loss of privileges such as space for events, meetings, and recognition.
    2. Budget proposal (when applicable).
    3. Summary Report (when applicable).
  5. All recognized organizations are required to maintain a membership of at least three people to maintain an active status. If a student organization falls below three members, the organization will be placed on probationary status for the semester. If the organization does not increase membership during that time, they will then be considered an inactive organization.
  6. All organizations MUST attend a predetermined amount of leadership workshops; in the fall and in the spring coordinated by the Office of Student Activities and Student Center Operations. Information will be distributed in your fall and spring information packets, and via email to the president and advisor.

All organizations are encouraged to send representatives to the Student Government Association meetings, which are held every Wednesday at 3:00 p.m. in the SGA Suite (Room 315) located in the 3rd Floor of the Rebecca Stafford Student Center. This helps to maintain open communication between the SGA and the student organizations.

Fraternity and Sorority Organizations

In addition to the policies stated in this manual, fraternity and sorority organizations must also abide by Fraternity and Sorority Life policies provided by the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life.

Club Sports

In addition to the policies stated in this manual, club sports must also abide by the Club Sport Manual provided by the Associate Athletics Director for Intramurals, Recreation, and Club Sports.

All new club sports must be approved by both the Student Government Association and the Athletics Department (the Associate Athletics Director for Intramurals, Recreation, and Club Sports). For more details on how to complete this process, please meet with the Director of Student Activities and Student Center Operations.

Student Organization Mailboxes

After a club is recognized, the president should come to the Office of Student Activities and Student Center Operations to receive a combination to the club’s mailbox, if there is a mailbox available located in the Office of Student Activities and Student Center Operations. Fraternity and Sorority mailboxes are in the Fraternity and Sorority Lounge.

Mail will be directly placed in the box, along with important information about meetings and upcoming events. It is the responsibility of the club/organization to pick-up the mail at least twice per week to ensure that the mail is received in a timely fashion.

If a student group prefers, or if a mailbox is not available, the mail will be sent to the advisor, the student group must notify the Office of Student Activities if they prefer their mail to be sent to their advisor.

Student Organization Office Space

The Rebecca Stafford Student Center houses a number of student clubs and organizations located on the third floor of the building. As organizations become recognized and unrecognized, they equally gain and lose privileges for office space. As space is limited, organizations are not guaranteed an office space.

Every spring semester, organizations will receive an application to either apply for space or to re-apply for the space the group already has. Offices are turned over on an annual basis and groups are not guaranteed to maintain space year to year.

For a more detailed copy of the policies and guidelines of student office space, please stop by the Office of Student Activities and Student Center Operations.

Student Organization E-mail Accounts

As a recognized student club, you are eligible to obtain a university e-mail account (for example or A request for this service must be placed by your University advisor or a member of the Student Activities staff to the University Help Desk by e-mailing

Once you obtain your e-mail address, please share the information with the Office of Student Activities and Student Center Operations so we can place the documentation in your file for contact information and historical purposes.

Room Reservations Capabilities

As a recognized student organization, you are eligible to reserve spaces in various facilities throughout campus, free of charge, through Conference Services and Special Events. Eligibility is determined by completing all recognition requirements at the beginning of each semester. Please
be advised that although the space rental is free, costs may occur via custodial, facilities management, etc.

Please note that prior to rooms being reserved for a campus event, the Director of Student Activities and Student Center Operations first must approve it through a meeting.

Social Media

As a recognized student organization, you are encouraged to establish an organization Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, and/or Snapchat account. Any social media pages must be registered with the University for the Social Media Directory through the Office of Student Activities and Student Center Operations.

All advisors must have access to any social media accounts or pages held by the organization. If your organization is not going to continue into the next semester or academic year, all social media pages or accounts must post that the account is discontinued. All account information should be passed down to any new leadership of the organization before the current leadership steps down from any positions. The platform administrator’s contact information must be updated within the Social Media Directory as they change.

Student clubs and organizations are considered “unofficial” social media pages and can use but cannot make any changes to the Monmouth University logo. These sites are also encouraged to post a statement in their profile announcing that they are not an officially recognized Monmouth University social media page and all postings reflect their own personal opinions or their organization’s opinions.

An example of this statement is provided below:
The views expressed on this (Facebook page, Twitter feed, etc.) are those of the (Insert Club Name) and are not endorsed by Monmouth University nor do they constitute any official communication from Monmouth University.

Please contact the Digital Content Producer in the Office of University Marketing and Communications, with any questions at 732-263-5438.

Loss of Recognition

An organization that does not turn in a roster, have a faculty/ staff adviser, meet the leadership requirements for two consecutive semesters, or falls below the minimum membership number requirement will be deemed inactive. The organization will receive formal notification of this and must repeat the recognition process to reinstate the club as active. The club/organization will not be eligible to apply for an annual budget until the reinstatement process is complete and has been active for one full semester.