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Requesting a Budget from SGA

The Following are the guidelines currently utilized by the Student Government Association. These guidelines are subject to change and groups and advisors will receive an updated copy when approved.

There is money allotted by the SGA for specific club uses. Any club that does NOT collect dues is eligible for funds if the club has fulfilled all the previously stated guidelines. New or re-activated clubs must be active at least one full semester in order to be eligible for SGA funds. SGA usually begins the budget process (for the following year) towards the end of fall semester. Notices are emailed to club presidents and advisors. A budget proposal is required by a set deadline. The proposals are reviewed by the Budget Committee during the spring semester and funding, for the following academic year, is granted by the end of spring semester. The funding is granted to those clubs who have expressed the greatest need and use for the funds.

Those clubs that do not fulfill all requirements or do not submit proposals by the specified deadline will not receive funding. The submission of a budget proposal DOES NOT guarantee the receipt of a budget allocation.