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Co-sponsorship Funds

The Office of Student Activities and Student Center Operations has a limited amount of funding available to co-sponsor activities with student clubs and organizations. Any registered student club or organization may apply for co-sponsorship funding for events they are planning to host on-campus and open to the campus community. There are four co-sponsorship programs for which groups can apply. Only one can be used for each event.

Due to budget constraints, the office may not be able to fund every program, and it is suggested that applications be made at least four weeks before the event is to take place.

For more information on any of the following programs, please contact the Office of Student Activities at 732-571-3586.

The co-sponsorship program grants are all found under applications on the Student Activities MyMU portal page; these grants are the following:

General Co-sponsorship Fund Request

Groups may receive up to 20% of the total estimated expenses for the event if held Sunday through Thursday. Events held on Friday or Saturday are eligible for up to 30% of the total estimate expenses. Additional information can be found on the “Co-sponsorship Guidelines for Student Organizations” that comes with the application.

Beyond the Classroom Student Organization Grants

To encourage our student clubs and organizations to work with academic departments and faculty members outside of the classroom, the office is offering the Beyond the Classroom Grant program. Student groups can apply for $250 or $400 in funding to co-sponsor with an academic department for an outside-the-classroom experience a/or activity that is open to the campus community. The student group is expected to be in attendance for the program and assist the department in any way need. Additional information will be given with the application.

Weekend Warrior Grant Program

The office also has a Weekend Warrior Grant program to enhance fun weekend opportunities for the campus community. This grant is to provide financial assistance to recognized clubs or organizations that want to plan events on Friday evening or on Saturday. Preference for financing will be given to those proposals that are collaborative efforts/co-sponsored events between recognized student organizations.

Inclusion Grant Program

The inclusion grant is for organizations looking to have an event that is centered around but not limited to: multicultural topics, diversity, awareness, LGBTQ, social justice, gender studies, and much more. This grant is available in two different amounts depending on if the program will be on a weekend or week day. The Office of Student Activities supports these events and wanted to offer additional funding to groups that wanted to have programming centered on inclusion and be able to provide more specific resources to assist the group and the event to succeed.