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Monmouth University Raffle Policy Checklist

To Obtain a License:

❏ Print out and complete 4 copies of Raffle or Bingo License which can be found at: Bring the copies to the Office of the General Counsel, located in the Great Hall, Room 304. The license must be signed by a Vice President and notarized after it is approved by the Office of the General Counsel.

❏ Sign out the University’s Legalized Games of Chance Control Commission Registration Certificate from the Office of the General Counsel. Bring original certificate to the municipality of West Long Branch with application.

❏ Attach the applicable fees to the application. Amounts can be found in Attachment A of the University’s Raffle Policy, which can be found online at:

❏ Ensure that the municipality will provide printers certificate. Tickets can be printed in the Monmouth University copy center.

Once a license is obtained:

A Member in Charge must contact the Controller’s Office for an object code. Raffle proceeds must be deposited in a separate account.

Ensure that all advertisements include the requirements set forth in the policy.

Display a sign that reads: “Is gambling a problem for you or someone in your family? Dial 1-800-GAMBLER” at the place where the game of chance is being conducted or at the location where the raffle tickets are being sold. The Office of the General Counsel shall provide the sign upon request.

Deposit all net proceeds through the Department of Financing into an account with object code 05105. The games of chance account, where net proceeds are deposited, is Ocean First Bank, 308 West Main Street, Freehold, New Jersey 08828.

After Game of Chance is Conducted:

Obtain raffle report located at: Obtain raffle report located at Complete and send to Office of the General Counsel for approval. The report can be emailed to Sandy Kosinski, Director of Internal Audit, at After approval, the report will be signed by a Vice President and notarized. The General Counsel’s Office will send report to the LGCCC.

All copies of raffle applications, raffle licenses, and raffle report of operations shall be provided to the General Counsel’s Office. Failure to abide with the policy or file timely report of operations may subject the applicable group or department to be prohibited from applying for and conducting further raffles.

If you are unsure whether or not you need to obtain a license or if you have any questions regarding the Bingo and Raffle Procedures, you should contact the General Counsel’s Office at (732)571-3598. If the University is found in violation of the relevant statutes, rules, and regulations, it can be fined up to $7,500 for the first offense and up to $15,000 for the second and subsequent offenses. The University could also have its LGCCC Registration suspended or revoked.