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A Quick Checklist of Who to Talk to When

Part 1 : 2-4 Months Out

  • Program Idea ___________________________
  • Budget Proposed – Anticipated Costs __________________
    • Budget and account information can be obtained from the portal or the Office of Student Activities.
  • Meet with Organization Advisor and/or Executive Board
  • Make appointment and meet with Director of Office of Student Activities and Student Center Operations
  • Room Reserved – Location _____________________      Time __________________
  • Identify what portions of the event will need to be contracted (DJ, Performers, Sound, etc.)
  • Any large purchases? Do we have a quote? Is a Purchase Recognition needed?
    • See the Office of Student Activities for assistance and further instructions.
  • Identify what other services will be needed:
    • Food _________________________
    • Custodial ______________________
    • Police/Parking _________________
    • Event set-ups ___________________
    • Media Center _____________________
    • Tickets _______________________
    • Other ________________________
  • Complete Performance Worksheets for any contracted service (obtained when you meet with Director). Don’t ask for or sign a contract. A member of the Student Activities staff or an advisor must ask for this.
  • If needed meet with Assistant Director of Student Activities obtain written permission to use outside food vendor.
  • Work with the Student Activities Office to get contracts for any performers, vendors, and services.

Part 2: Minimum of One Month Out

  • Meeting with student group – obtain feedback on ideas generated through Part 1
  • Do an initial logistics meeting with essential individuals in group
  • Book hotel for performer (if applicable) – Hotel ____________ Confirmation Number ____________
  • Review Performance Contracts. Are there additional services based on the contract to negotiate and/or provide?
  • Confirm and order services listed in Part 1 as per advisement of Director of Student Activities.
  • Develop a timeline for night of events
    • Doors Open ____________________
    • # Workers Needed _____________
  • Develop marketing/advertising campaign (see ways to advertise on page 56).
  • Please have any flyers approved by the Office of Student Activities.
  • Any Electronic Sign Forms need to be turned into the SGA administrative assistant.
  • Any table reservations for the Student Center need to be reserved through the Office Student Activities in advance (limit to one organization per week).
  • Process contract for payment (through Office of Student Activities, if applicable).
  • Complete work orders, request audio/visual from Help Desk, and work with Gourmet Dining to place food order (if needed).
    • For Anacon setup see the Student Activities Office for a diagram.
  • Is a quick order needed? If so they are limited to (2) $200 purchases (Shoprite or Kmart)
  • See Office of Student Activities for form (keep receipts).
  • Are there any items that need to be purchased? If yes, a request for funds form is needed.
  • See Office of Student Activities for approved spending procedures.
  • Are any sort of waivers or hold harmless forms that need to be filled out prior or during the event? – Please see the Office of Student Activities and Student Center Operations.
  • If approved to use outside food vendor obtain all legal, health, and certification forms needed for Gourmet Dining and Student Activities to approve and file.

Part 3: Two – Four Weeks Out

  1. Purchase any additional needs from performance contracts. ______________________________
  2. Have all advertising started on campus. List three advertising methods below:
    • ____________________________
    • ____________________________
    • ____________________________
  3. If tickets are being sold. – From _______________________ Cost _________________
  4. Obtain volunteers
  5. Review budget. Is the event falling on target?
  6. Does the performer, vendor, or program need anything special (i.e. rider needs, technology or electrical needs, etc.).

Part 4: Two Days – Two Weeks Out

  1. Refresh all advertising methods.
  2. Call performers/agent to finalize all arrangements.
    • Arrival Time _______________
    • Exchange Emergency Contact Info ___________________________
    • Anything else performer mentioned of note __________________
  3. Develop a task list/checklist/timeline for day of program.
  4. Verify all contracts have been processed for payment.
  5. Gather all requests/work orders into one central location for easy access.
  6. Confirm all facilities, media operations, and other requests.

Part 5: Before the Show (Day of)

  1. Check in with Student Activities and Student Center Operations – last minute questions.
  2. Pick up check(s) for performers from Office of Student Activities.
  3. Do a walk-through of all locations (dressing room/performance/event areas).
    • Room arrangements set
    • Confirm any help desk requests (or event rider needs)
    • Double check any facilities requests
  4. Meet performers/contracted performers. Get them situated. Do they need anything?
  5. Double check all service orders and verify completed (introduce yourself to custodial, police, etc.)
  6. Complete sound check if necessary.
  7. Obtain an introduction from performer.
  8. Meet with Volunteers – do a run-through of event (clarify roles).

Part 6: During the Show

  1. Introduce the performer.
  2. Have a runner by performance area for last-minute performance needs.
  3. Do a sweep of the venue area – make sure everything looks good.
  4. If outside check perimeter for noise.

Part 7: After the Show

  1. Pay the performer.
  2. Return the venue back to the way you found it (clean-up, etc.)
  3. Thank your performers, service people, volunteers, etc.
  4. Complete post-event evaluation.
  5. Complete a budget review of event.
  6. Follow up with Student Activities and Student Center Operations – let us know how it went.