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Pollak Theatre Guidelines

Pollak Theatre is a multi-purpose theatre that is used by many departments of the University. In order to keep the theatre functioning properly all student groups must follow these basic guidelines for use. All groups using the theatre will be held accountable for any damage or improper use of the facility or equipment. In order to avoid any complications, student organizations must be sure to know and complete the following:

  1. Reserve a date through a meeting with the Director of Student Activities and Student Center Operations. The activity must be approved through the Office of Student Activities and Student Center Operations. Please be aware that you must have a faculty/staff advisor present for the event at all times and have that advisor confirmed at the time of the meeting with the director. Please remember to reserve set up time if necessary. If you need a dressing room, you must also reserve the VIP room or 135, and/or 139 for your event.
  2. A $100 deposit is required for use of the facility. This deposit will be returned to the organization as long as the theatre is left in good order (no damages, clean, etc.) Please realize that damages may result in additional charges to your organization.
  3. Once the date/event has been approved, make arrangements with Media Operations to provide sound support services (if you need microphones, to play music, etc.) and lighting support. The organization may be required to pay for a trained user for the system. This should be done at least four (4) weeks in advance of the event. The lighting/sound booth will not be opened without a trained operator present. Food and drinks must never be in the lighting/sound booth at Pollak.
  4. Contact Facilities Management if you need any “extras” (i.e. tables, folding chairs, podium, etc.). This should be done at least three weeks in advance via an online service request. Depending on your needs, you may be charged for this service.
  5. Be prepared to pay for a custodian and a police officer(s). The Office of Student Activities and Student Center Operations arranges for these services.
  6. Your organization is responsible for assuring that NO FOOD OR DRINK ENTERS THE THEATRE. Food and drink are not allowed in the theatre.
  7. No entrances may be blocked by tables, chairs, etc. Fire regulations require that all doors must be able to open completely and not be blocked by anything, to allow people to leave in case of an emergency. All entrances around the perimeter of the theatre must be unlocked for safety purposes. All fire equipment must be completely accessible with nothing blocking access to the equipment.
  8. No tables or chairs should be placed in the Gallery area. The Gallery area is the hallway behind Pollak Theatre that extends from the fire doors off the front lobby to classroom 135. Your group may be required to pay for a monitor for the Gallery area during the event.
  9. Moving of the Steinway concert grand piano by the organization IS NOT PERMITTED. Only the proper facilities management personnel may move the piano. Permission to use or move the piano must be obtained from the Center for the Arts. Since there is an application procedure for this, it is recommended that you seek permission at least four weeks in advance. The Center for the Arts will notify you and the Office of Student Activities if permission is granted. The Steinway is situated behind the curtain stage left under a black covering. Items – such as boxes, food or beverages — should not be placed on top of the Steinway. Any damages caused by improper treatment of the Steinway grand piano would be charged to the organization. The Steinway cover and padding must be put back on the piano after its use (padding goes over the cover).