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Political Campaign Advertising & Campaign Related Activities

  1. Public Forum on Campus (Campaign Related)

    If a public forum is to be held on campus, the following procedures must be followed:

    1. All candidates officially on the ballot for the particular political office must be invited and given equal access and opportunity to participate.
    2. Before the start of any forum, an explicit statement must be made as the part of the introduction of the speakers that the University does not support or oppose any particular candidate.
    3. All political fundraising at the event is strictly prohibited.
    4. The University must make reasonable efforts to ensure that the appearances constitute speeches, question-and-answer sessions, or similar communications in an academic setting and are not conducted as campaign rallies or events.
    5. The University or its employees speaking on behalf of the University must not indicate views on the issues being discussed, comment on candidate’s responses, or in any way indicate bias, for or against a particular candidate, party or position. Employees making comments or indicating views shall clearly indicate that they are speaking on their own behalf and not as a representative of the University. Faculty and students shall not be precluded from expressing views on the issues as part of a classroom discussion or other educational exercises.
    6. The candidates must be told that the University will provide no financial assistance. The candidates must cover their own expenses.
    7. If all candidates appear to speak, the candidates may distribute their campaign literature. If all candidates do not appear to speak, distribution of campaign literature will not be permitted.
  2. Campaign Event on Campus

    If a Campaign Event is to be held on campus, the following procedures must be followed:

    1. A letter must be sent to every candidate inviting each to participate.
    2. The candidates must be told that the University will not provide financial assistance. The candidates must cover their own expenses and comply with all applicable federal and state political campaign requirements.
    3. All higher level University employees are prohibited from attending/ participating in any campaign-related event in their official capacity.
    4. All University endorsements of candidates by the University and its employees are strictly prohibited.
    5. All fundraising events or activities to solicit funds for or on behalf of any candidate or political party are strictly prohibited.
  3. Voter Registration

    If voter registration activities are to be held on campus, the following procedures must be followed:

    1. The activities must not be intended to target voters of a particular candidate or party or to help particular candidates.
    2. The University must not promote voting in any particular fashion with respect to any issues may be placed before the voters.
    3. All voter registration forms must be widely available to students.
  4. Political Advertising For Student Employment

    If a party or candidate contacts the University in order to post job employment opportunities regarding the political process for students, the following procedures must be followed:

    1. The candidates must comply with all requirements set forth by the Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC) and N.J.S.A. § 19:44A-1 et seq., including putting their names and business or residence addresses on every posting.
    2. The posting must state whether the student will be volunteering or compensated for his/her time.
    3. The posting must state which campaign the student will be working for.
    4. All postings must be strictly for employment and/or volunteer opportunities. Campaign posters are strictly prohibited.
    5. All postings must contain contact information of the candidate and/or party.
    6. All postings must contain the following statement: “Monmouth University does not endorse or oppose any particular political party or candidate for political office.” The type size must be of a size approved by the University.

The Student Activities Office will work with External Affairs to ensure that all parties with candidates are represented.