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Food Trucks

Steps To Take To Bring a Food Truck on to Campus

  1. Start at least 3 months before the intended event!
  2. Set up a meeting to discuss the event in which a food truck will be brought to campus.
    1. Reach out to the Assistant Director of Student Activities, Tashir Hampton ( and CC Kathy Dabney (
  3. After your meeting, once approved, email Elizabeth Ross, the Director of Gourmet Dining to request permission to bring Food Truck to campus. Her email is
    1. Forward Ms. Ross’ decision email to both Tashir and Kathy (this email must be included with final contract)
    2. Move forward, only if given approval from Elizabeth Ross
  4. There are two ways to bring a food truck: If you are paying for their services OR if you are inviting them to campus for fundraising purposes – this will be discussed in meeting with Assistant Director.
  5. Talk with Food Truck owner
    1. Let owner know you are a club at Monmouth University and that you would like to bring their food truck to campus. A simple contract will be sent by the Office of Student Activities for them to review and sign. Afterward, the Vice President of Student Life will review and sign a final copy. A copy of this will be sent back for their records.
      1. Please discuss this prior – this conversation determines whether or not the food truck will be charging you the club for their services OR if the truck will be on campus selling their food items to students and giving your club a percentage of the sales.
    2. If the club is paying for the Food Truck services on campus, you must pay with a University Check. Let them know this check will then be given to them the day of services, unless noted otherwise in final contract.
  6. The following is needed from the vendor:
    1. Vendor contact West Long Branch Fire Bureau to fill out a permit.
    2. Vendor contact/email our Fire Marshal at
    3. Provide a Certificate of Insurance with proof of Work Comp, Commercial Auto (truck/trailer), and General Liability insurance. Monmouth University should be listed as the certificate holder. We also require that the certificate names Monmouth University, along with its trustees, officers, directors, agents, employees and students as additional insured in regards to the GL policy.
  7. What you, the sponsoring club, needs to get from the vendor so that a contract can be made
    1. Vendor Information
      • Vendor Name
      • Phone Number
      • Address
      • Town
      • Zip Code
      • Fed Id #
      • Name and Title of Person Signing Contract
      • Email Address
      • Fax Number
    2. Event Details
      • Name of the Event
      • Date of the Event
      • Time of the Event
      • Location
      • Name of Person With Whom You Discussed the Event and Gave Approval
    3. If your club is paying for specific items from the food truck in advance fill out this area only (this must be agreed upon with Vendor)
    4. Documents that must be handed in with this page
      1. NJ Business Registration
      2. Current Sanitary Inspection Certificate (Must be up to date and Satisfactory or will not be accepted
      3. Proof of Workers Comp
      4. Commercial Auto Insurance (truck/trailer)