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Food Contracts

In rare cases, student clubs might be given permission to bring in food from an off campus vendor. These would be cases where the food is for a cultural or religious holiday/reason. In these cases GOURMET DINING may allow that group to bring in food for that one specific occasion. The club MUST then have a Food Contract completed.

Steps To Take To Get a Food Contract

  1. Start at least 2 months before the intended event!
  2. Set up a meeting with the Office of Student Activities. You can do so through emailing Tashir Hampton and cc, at the front office, or by phone 732-571-3586.
  3. After your meeting, once approved move forward by emailing Elizabeth Ross, the Resident District Manager of GOURMET DINING, to ask for permission to use an outside food vendor for cultural or religious reasons. Her email is
    ** Move forward with the following plans  ONLY if you get her approval IN A WRITTEN EMAIL. **
  4. Forward Ms. Ross’ email approval to and It needs to be attached to your contract.
  5. Choose a restaurant. Meet with the manager. Let them know that you are a club at Monmouth University and that you want to purchase food from them WITH A UNIVERSITY CHECK. Let them know that in order to do this Monmouth has to enter into a simple contract with them. **Make sure they are OK with this ahead of time. If they have questions, they can contact the Office of Student Activities.
  6. What YOU need to get from them so we can process a contract. (They can give any documents/sensitive information directly to our office directly if they are more comfortable).
      • Restaurant Name
      • Phone Number
      • Address
      • Town
      • Zip Code
      • Fed ID #
      • Contact
      • Title
        Will (s)he sign the contract? If not, provide the name & title of person who will sign the contract
      • Fax Number
      • Email
      • Date of the event
      • Time of event: – Start Time & End Time
      • Place
      • What are you ordering? List each Item being ordered, along with the Amount (i.e. 1 tray, 1 quart, etc) and the Price
      • Indicate whether or not there an extra charge for delivery. If so, provide the cost. And indicate whether or not you picking up the food yourself?
      • Indicate the time and date of the food delivery or pick-up.
    4. DOCUMENTS – You NEED to get a copy of these documents from the business so we can attach them to the contract.
      • NJ Business Registration. Some businesses are not certain what this is.
      • Latest Sanitary Inspection Report. This is usually hanging on their wall. Businesses get a new report every 12 months.
      • Finally the contract and W9 that we send them we need back at least 3 WEEKS BEFORE the event!