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Advisor’s Frequently Asked Questions

Advisors frequently ask our department questions about student club responsibilities and opportunities. Student Activities has put together this guide sheet, which lists a number of the more common questions, asked by advisors.

1. “As an advisor, do I need to attend all of the club’s meetings and events?”
Advisors need to be active participants in a club’s regular activities and events. They help guide the organization and in many cases, play a large role in the organization’s success. The advisor must be present for all events that are sponsored by the club. Advisors should make every effort to find meeting times that will make it possible for the club to meet with her/him. In the event you are not able to find a time that is suitable for the entire organization, you may want to set up an executive board meeting time with just the officers of the organization.

2. “My organization is planning a trip off campus; what do I need to know?”
Please talk to the Office of Student Activities before anything is booked. See the link regarding Student Organization Travel Guidelines and Advisor Responsibilities for more information and guidelines.

3. “My organization wants to hold a large event and possibly open it up to the general public; what should I consider?”
Requirements to hold large events (concerts, lectures, dances, dinners, festivals, etc.) vary depending on the nature of the event. However, all proposed events need to be reviewed by the Office of Student Activities and Student Center Operations and approved by the Vice President for Student Life and Leadership Engagement. There are items that the Office of Student Activities suggests you consider when planning large events include the following: catering requirements, audio/video needs, campus police and/or security, building set-ups, performer/entertainer fees and contracts, insurance, the sale of alcohol, and publicity on campus. If your organization is planning a large event, take a few minutes to make an appointment to see the Director of Student Activities and Student Center Operations before finalizing any commitments with vendors or performers. It is best to plan large events at least a semester in advance. Any and all contracts must be reviewed by the Office of the General Counsel and signed by the Vice President for Student Life and Leadership Engagement.

4. “Our club wants to hire a performer/entertainer for an event, what should I do?”
Advisors should make sure that the organization has enough funding to cover event-related expenses prior to making any commitments with performers, agents or vendors. Most performers/entertainers will require a fee for their appearance. In order for any entertainer to be paid, a contract must be prepared by the Office of the General Counsel and signed by the Vice President for Student Life and Leadership Engagement. We must also have a W-9 (tax form) on file for the person or business that will be paid. Only the advisor is permitted to request a contract from a performer/agency. All contracts must be first reviewed by the University’s Office of the General Counsel and then signed by the Vice President for Student Life and Leadership Engagement. The Office of Student Activities and Student Center Operations is well versed in dealing with performance agreements/contracts and is always willing to assist an organization with such matters. A good rule of thumb is to give yourself at least a 45-day cushion prior to the intended event. Contracts need to be reviewed, signed and check(s) need to be cut. This process may take a minimum of four to five weeks. Contracts should be submitted to the Office of the General Counsel via email: Any assumption of risk or waiver required by a venue, vendor, or performer should be reviewed by the Office of the General Counsel.

5. “How do I go about reserving rooms and equipment on campus?”
Central Scheduling (located in Conference Services and Special Events) is responsible for all non-academic related room reservations and is located on the first floor of the Rebecca Stafford Student Center. The Office of Student Activities and Student Center Operations must first review any event-type activity before a room can be reserved. Organizations that have submitted a current roster and have a constitution on file are eligible to book rooms and reserve equipment on campus. When reserving a room, let Central Scheduling know if you have special set-up needs such as: the number of people attending, food that may be served, or audio/video needs. If you need to reserve audio and/or video equipment, requests can be made through the help desk and must be done by an advisor.

6. “Who should I speak to about ordering food and/or alcohol for an event?”
Gourmet Dining (ext. 5678 – off campus: 732-263-5608/9) has the exclusive right to provide food on campus and should always be your first contact for catering needs. They are a great resource in planning a food-related event on campus. No organization may bring in any food from outside vendors without advance permission from Gourmet Dining. If your organization wishes to bring in another caterer, Gourmet Dining must first be consulted to approve your request in writing. If outside food is going to be used for an event there must be a contract with the vendor and certain health certificates must be provide by the vendor. Please contact the Office of Student Activities and Student Center Operations to start this process at least six weeks in advance.

The University has a contract for beverage services with Coca-Cola. If you prefer to bring in your own non-alcoholic drinks, permission must be granted by the Office of the Vice President for Student Life and Leadership Engagement. Any organization that wishes to have alcohol at an event must request a special event alcohol permit from the Vice President for Student Life and Leadership Engagement. All groups must have this request submitted in writing no less than 30 day prior to the intended event. Alcohol-related events must abide by New Jersey regulations as set forth by the Division of Alcohol Beverage Control as well as University policy related to the service of alcohol. Alcohol-related events will have a significant impact on the cost of your event. In cases where the Vice President has approved such an event, plan on having to pay for bartenders, the cost of the alcohol, security, etc. These costs should be added to your overall expenses.

Food trucks – If your group would like to bring a food truck to campus please see the Assistant Director of Student Activities 90 days in advance of the event. They will assist you with the process which includes obtaining a permit, insurance and sanitary inspection reports.

7. “What are some of the ways our organization can advertise events on campus?”
Clubs will typically develop their own publicity, which may be distributed across campus. When advertising in the Rebecca Stafford Student Center and in academic buildings, you always need to have flyers, posters, approved by the Office of Student Activities and Student Center Operations. The Rebecca Stafford Student Center staff will post a maximum of four (4) related publicity documents. Flyers should be brought to the Office of Student Activities and Student Center Operations in order to get approval. It is best to bring your publicity during normal work hours, Monday through Friday 8:45 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. If your organization wishes to publicize in the residence halls, that information should be taken to Pinewood Hall, the Office of Residential Life. The Office of Student Activities and Student Center Operations has on file the University’s current “Advertising, Solicitation and Posting Regulations in Public Areas” information. In the RSSC Café and in the hallway there are TVs that can showcase any organization’s flyer. To have your organization’s flyer on a TV please email in JPG format. Organizations may also reserve and utilize the outside window on the Student Center patio, or the blacktop pathway in front of the Student Center Patio. Students need to reserve these spaces, ensure no mess is left behind, and clean up after the event. Other resources available to clubs include The Outlook 732-571-3481, WMCX radio 732-571-3482, the electronic billboards or HAWK TV 732-263-5274.

8. “How do I find out about getting funding for our organization?”
If your organization collects dues, they are not eligible to receive an annual budget from SGA. Clubs that have been recognized for at least one full semester are open to the general Monmouth student population, and who have submitted a current roster and constitution may apply for an annual budget. By the middle of the Fall semester, all recognized clubs will receive budget-related information. It is the club’s responsibility to submit a proper budget and to attend all budget-related meetings with SGA. Failure to do so may negatively impact a club’s opportunity to receive an annual budget. If an organization does not receive an annual budget, the club is still eligible to apply for special event funding through SGA. For further information, contact the SGA Finance Committee at (732)923-4714. Clubs are also encouraged to pursue co-sponsorships with other organizations when planning events or activities.

9. “What are some of the common benefits for recognized clubs and organizations?”
Besides the opportunity many clubs and organizations have to request a budget from SGA, recognized groups are also eligible to reserve rooms, vending tables and equipment on campus. Groups not eligible for a SGA annual budget can still apply for Travel Event Funding, or Special
Event Funding.

Recognized groups may also apply for one of the four co-sponsorship programs sponsored through the Office of Student Activities to help fund a program or activity.

Clubs may also have one of the mailboxes that are located within the Office of Student Activities and Student Center Operations (fraternity and sorority mailboxes are located in the Fraternity and Sorority Lounge). Please note that mailboxes should be checked two to three times a week.
Organizations that fail to do so will lose such privilege.

All recognized clubs are eligible to open a campus club account that can be used to deposit fundraised money, event proceeds, and to be used to pay club bills. No club or organization is permitted to have any type of off-campus account, with the exception of fraternities and sororities.

Recognized groups may reserve a room for an event through the Office of Student Activities. While this meeting is required to host an event, while there the organization leaders learn how to make sure their event has everything it needs including sound, lights, custodians, etc.

Recognized groups may utilize the electronic sign board and the TV screens to advertise events.

Vending tables may be utilized for fundraising efforts of recognized clubs and organizations. Contact the Office of Student Activities to inquire about reserving a table.

For more information about this guide or Monmouth’s student clubs and organizations, please feel free to contact the Office of Student Activities and Student Center Operations at 732-571-3586 or You may also visit us at our office on the second floor of the Student Center.