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What Are My Responsibilities as a Campus Security Authority?

  • If an individual reporting an incident needs assistance, a CSA should explain how to get help. Let a victim know that help is available even if he or she does not want an investigation conducted. The decision to act on this option is the victim’s. However, in the midst of an emergency situation, a CSA should immediately contact the MUPD at (732) 571-4444 or call 911.
  • Even if you are unsure whether an incident is a Clery crime, or even if it’s criminal in nature, you should report it. WHEN IN DOUBT, REPORT!
  • Provide as much information about a criminal incident as possible to aid law enforcement and categorize the incident.
  • CSA crime reports should include personally identifying information if available. This is important for law enforcement purposes and to avoid double counting of crimes/incidents. The Clery statistical disclosures based on these reports will be kept anonymous, i.e., no personally identifiable information is disclosed in Monmouth University’s annual security report.
  • If a victim does not want a report to go any further than the CSA, explain that you are required to submit the report for statistical purposes, but you can submit it without identifying the victim.
  • If a crime is reported to you and goes no further than that, Monmouth University will not have fulfilled its obligation under the law and the campus community might not have the information they need to stay safe on campus. If the Department of Education finds that Monmouth University did not report a crime/incident in its annual security report, it can be fined and lose its federal funding, i.e., financial aid.
  • Again … IF IN DOUBT, REPORT!

  • Submit your crime/incident report in a timely manner. Forms can be accessed by the Office of the General Counsel or the MUPD. You may even report in an email to the MUPD.
  • Reports shall be submitted to the MUPD.