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Social Media

As a recognized student organization, you are encouraged to establish an organization Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, and/or Snapchat account. Any social media pages must be registered with the University for the Social Media Directory through the Office of Student Activities and Student Center Operations.

All advisors must have access to any social media accounts or pages held by the organization. If your organization is not going to continue into the next semester or academic year, all social media pages or accounts must post that the account is discontinued. All account information should be passed down to any new leadership of the organization before the current leadership steps down from any positions. The platform administrator’s contact information must be updated within the Social Media Directory as they change.

Student clubs and organizations are considered “unofficial” social media pages and can use but cannot make any changes to the Monmouth University logo. These sites are also encouraged to post a statement in their profile announcing that they are not an officially recognized Monmouth University social media page and all postings reflect their own personal opinions or their organization’s opinions.

An example of this statement is provided below:
The views expressed on this (Facebook page, Twitter feed, etc.) are those of the (Insert Club Name) and are not endorsed by Monmouth University nor do they constitute any official communication from Monmouth University.

Please contact the Digital Content Producer in the Office of University Marketing and Communications, with any questions at 732-263-5438.