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Recognition of New Student Clubs & Organizations

Potential New Organizations:

Students that would like to create a new organization should attend one of the weekly potential new club meetings hosted by the Office of Student Activities to discuss details for club formation. For University recognition, both the Office of Student Activities and Student Center Operations AND the Student Government Association must approve the process. Potential club sports will ultimately need approval from the Associate Athletic Director for Recreation, Intramurals, and Club Sports following SGA approval.

All potential new clubs or organizations must complete the following:

  1. Attend a potential new club meeting with the Director of Student Activities and Student Center Operations to discuss the club details. Please note that you will be asked to complete a Preliminary Verification Form to receive SGA preliminary approval to start an interest group. Please see the Office of Student Activities and Student Center Operations to find out when the meetings are held.
  2. After meeting with the Director, group members should cooperatively write a constitution for the organization according to the guidelines given. Please see Appendix A for the basic requirements for a constitution and Appendix B for a sample Constitution. Also, please see “General Recognition Guidelines for All Organizations.” The Director or the Chief Justice of the Student Government Association can assist with structuring the constitution. The Chief Justice can be reached at the Student Government office at 732-923-4714 or 4715.
  3. The group must complete a Roster. In addition to the information regarding members, the Roster must include the name, campus extension and signature of a willing faculty/staff member to serve as a club advisor. Every organization must have a faculty or staff advisor.
  4. Upon completion, the Constitution (in paper format and electronically) and Roster Form must be submitted to the Student Government Association (SGA) for review by their Judicial Board. Choose representatives from the potential club to present your organization to the SGA for approval. The appointment time will be scheduled through the Chief Justice of the SGA.
  5. Once the constitution is approved by the SGA and the Director of Student Activities and Student Center Operations, the new club is required to follow general recognition guidelines for all student clubs and organizations (please see the following page for details). Potential club sports must complete the approval process with the Associate Director of Athletics for Intramurals, Recreation, and Club Sports.
  6. Organizations that have received formal recognition and have been active at least one semester may submit a budget request for operating funds to the SGA. Please see the financial section of this handbook for further information.