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Service Learning and Community Service

Information for Faculty

Service Learning offers faculty the opportunity to integrate community service into their courses. By establishing partnerships with non-profit agencies and schools, faculty strengthen the University’s ties to the community, provide academically-relevant service placements, and prepare students to be active learners and informed citizens.

The Office of Service Learning serves as a resource for faculty members who would like to introduce community service into their courses through class projects. Faculty may also sponsor students working on service projects proposed by external constituencies through Experiential Education courses EX 287,387, and 487.

“Service Learning encourages educators to build experience and public relevance into a wide variety of academic subjects. It offers opportunities for outcomes assessment grounded in real-world experience. It encourages faculty to develop working partnerships with community organizations and public groups. it brings new immediacy to undergraduate education and forges important links between us, our students the communities in which we live.”

—Dr. Eleanor Novek, Department of Communication