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    Instructions for Field Evaluations


    Welcome to Field Evaluations for the School of Social Work at Monmouth University! Thank you for your demonstrated commitment to social work education and to your commitment to social work education at Monmouth specifically! The online evaluation model is designed to increase efficiency and accuracy in the evaluation of our shared students. In accordance with the 2008 Educational Policy and Accreditation Standards (EPAS) issued by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE), this evaluation gathers content that is highly focused. This focus is on specific practice behaviors. Each of the ten specific content areas (core competencies) is further broken down into precise questions addressing the codified practice behaviors as determined by the Commission on Accreditation at CSWE.

    The Move to Electronic Evaluations

    In practice, the electronic model will be easier for our supervisors to manage. We have been very careful about that, while ensuring our compliance with measurement standards issued by CSWE. Aside from the initial demographics and closing screens, there are ten total screens of likert scale (1-5) items, with each screen ending in an opportunity to provide qualitative written feedback. There is a closing section that allows for your global impressions and a section similar for your student to do the same.

    The Evaluations

    Evaluations for all the field courses are in a two-part sequence. The first evaluation in the sequence is completed at the end of the first semester you have them and likewise in the second semester for the second evaluation. The second evaluation you will be doing is identical to the first one in all but one area. The second evaluation asks for the student's score on each item from the first evaluation. This makes the evaluation something more like a pre-test (or mid-test) and a post-test and is designed in this way to allow us both to really think through student progress. The likert scale asks you to assess "competence" on each of the practice behaviors. This is in line with very specific measurement requirements from CSWE. More on that thinking in a minute.

    Outcomes Model

    The electronic field evaluation model will allow for expedited data collection and is one of three critical hubs in the School of Social Work's programmatic measurement plan. The student will self assess his or her entering competency level and then do so again periodically throughout the program. This constitutes the "self-assessment" spoke. The faculty will assess student competence on specific, targeted academic assignments as part of a complex matrix carefully integrated through the curriculum and with the practice behaviors. This constitutes the "faculty assessment" spoke. The third spoke, and one that is critical, is the "professional assessment" of student competency. That is what you are providing right now!