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  • Peer Mentoring Program

    An Opportunity For Academic Support From Fellow Students

    Peer Mentors 2017 2018

    The Peer Mentor Office has moved to Atrium Science 282 F. The office phone number is 732-571-2474.

    The School of Science Peer Mentor Program is designed to help students adjust to Monmouth University and to the School of Science by providing support from fellow students. Peer Mentors also serve as role models of good professional development and help organize the professional development programming for students delivered by the School of Science including Career Choices Roundtable. The program is directed by Dean Catherine Duckett and Dr. Jeffrey Weisburg.

    Mentors meet with students periodically throughout the semester, both individually and in group activities. Mentors answer questions from their mentees about life at MU and how to get academic assistance and other help on campus. They also assist mentees in developing the critical thinking skills that will enable them to solve their own problems. Biographies of the current Peer Mentors can be found here.

    Any first-year student declaring a major in the School of Science may request to be paired with a Peer Mentor. More information on this program will be made available to new students during Orientation activities in July. For further details, please contact the program directors. If you would like to be considered as a peer mentor for the next school year, you may download an application; further details and information are included on the application.

    "Peer mentoring in the School of Science gave me the opportunities to not only extend a helping hand to my fellow School of Science students, but also to improve upon my own professional development. As a Peer Mentor you learn how to help students struggling with a whole variety of problems such as adjusting to college life, roommate issues, or simply where to get a fat sandwich at 2 a.m. Your role does not stop there as a guide through life in Edison/Howard Halls; it also encompasses all of the planning and networking that goes into the creating all of the great events put on by the School of Science. One of the most rewarding experiences of being a Peer Mentor is after weeks of email correspondences, meetings, and event set-up, having students leave the event saying how much they got out it. All of your hard work not only improved your own leadership skills but also helped others with their own professional development. Being a Peer Mentor Coordinator gave me an added vantage point, through managing the other Peer Mentors, to see how hard the mentors work and care about the School of Science. If you think that you could benefit from having a Peer Mentor, reach out! The mentors would not have gone through the vigorous application process to become one if they did not want to help you in any way that they possibly could!"

    —PATRICK FEDICK, Former Peer Mentor

    "Being a School of Science Peer Mentor is an excellent way to grow as an individual as well as help other School of Science students. I never expected to gain as much as I did from my experiences mentoring other students and organizing events to promote both professionalism and networking skills. Being a Peer Mentor is a privilege - I have learned how to make a difference as an upperclassman, and I also gained valuable experiences for my own professional development."

    —GENEVIEVE FASANO, Former Peer Mentor