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  • Global Sustainability Minor (18 Credits)

    Our Future Depends on It


    Global Sustainability Minor Curriculum Chart

    Meeting future environmental, societal, and economic challenges will require individuals who understand the complex interactions across scientific, economic, political, and social dimensions. The Global Sustainability Minor at Monmouth reflects the University’s commitment to be a leader in sustainability in the classroom, the region and the world community. Delivering enough of the trained professionals needed to help fix and sustain a better environment  for tomorrow is of a top concern not only for the local community, but for the world.

    The Global Sustainability Minor is designed to be accessible and complementary to students studying natural sciences,political science, public policy, social work, health studies, communications, business, and economics. However, any student that is interested the Global Sustainability Minor is more than welcome to it!

    Students pursuing this interdisciplinary minor will examine:

    • The environmental, social, and economic foundations of sustainability.
    • The policy and scientific challenges involved with accommodating population growth, public health and development needs, and resource use, while assuring that future generations will have the natural and economic resources that support an enhanced quality of life.
    • The scientific and policy efforts needed to optimize the management of environmental, economic, and social resources.
    • Key indicators that can be used to measure sustainability within different disciplines.
    • The roles of governments, markets, and civic organizations in taking actions toward sustainability.
    • The application of sustainable practices in both a local and global context.

    Completing this program will provide students with the tools necessary to take a multidisciplinary approach to solving complex local, regional and global issues associated with ecological, socio-economic, and political interactions and relationships.

    Students interested in the Global Sustainability Minor should contact

    School of Science Assistant Dean John Tiedemann, Program Director,
    Office Phone: 732-263- 5545

    We Care, Too

    Monmouth’s commitment to sustainability extends well beyond the curriculum. The University established a Sustainability Advisory Council, and the Environmental Club in partnership with New Jersey Energy Services Corps provides students numerous opportunities to engage on campus and in the community. A number of programs have been implemented on campus to reduce its carbon footprint and generally contribute to a better environment, from Zipcars to and extensive arrays of solar panels to supply energy. On December 23, 2010, Monmouth University received a Certificate of Environmental Stewardship from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. This certificate recognizes us for our “voluntary and proactive measures taken to go beyond compliance in an effort to improve the environment and ensure a sustainable future.” The recognition was specifically for our efforts in six categories: Green Building Implementation; Water Use Reduction; Transportation Energy Use Reduction; Renewable Energy Use; Environmental Enhancement Project; and EPA Voluntary Programs.

    Learn more about how Monmouth University is proactively doing its part to contribute toward a better tomorrow at the SAC initiatives site.