• Advisory Council for the Biology and Chemistry, Medical Technology and Physics Departments

    Biology Advisory Board

    Biology/Chemistry Advisor Board Meeting 2011. From left: Dr. Bill Schreiber, Dr. Denis F.H. Swijter, Dr. Ivan Gepner, Dr. Catherine N. Duckett, Dr. Larry Shimp, Dr. Michael A. Palladino, Dr. Elizabeth (Tibby) Posillico, Dr. Deborah Josko, Mr. Joseph Leone, Mr. Julius Simonelli.

    Advisory Board Members

    Catherine N. Duckett, PhD,
    Associate Dean, School of Science (ex officio)
    Monmouth University

    Paul Foreman, PhD,
    Research Fellow, Adhesives Division
    Henkel Corporation

    Ivan Gepner, PhD,
    Associate Professor, Department of Biology
    Monmouth University

    Deborah Ann Josko, PhD,
    Program Director, Medical Laboratory Science,
    Rutgers School of Health Related Professions

    Joseph F. Leone,
    Research Fellow
    Merck and Company RY121-267

    Michael A. Palladino, PhD,
    Dean, School of Science
    Monmouth University

    Elizabeth Posillico, PhD,
    President and CEO
    Elusys Therapeutics, Inc.

    William Schreiber, PhD,
    Lecturer, Department of Chemistry, Medical Technology, and Physics
    Monmouth University

    Larry Shimp, PhD,
    Principal Technology Officer
    Osteotech Inc.

    Julius Simonelli, Scientist II,
    Formulation Development (MU Biology Alumnus, 1999)

    David Skrincosky, PhD,
    Technical Director
    Worthington Biochemical Corporation

    Dennis F. H. Swijter, PhD,
    Research Manager
    International Flavors and Fragrances R&D

    John Tiedemann,
    Assistant Dean, School of Science (ex officio)
    Monmouth University






    Past Members (Inactive)

    Debbie Hart, President

    William R. Healey, Director Grants & Philanthropy (Chair)
    Novo Nordisk, Inc.