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School of Science

2020 Climate Crisis Teach-In

Climate Crisis Teach-In

October 26-30, 2020 


All events to be presented via Zoom. Zoom Information will be provided upon registration.


The Abstract Book is available for download as a PDF.

Monday, October 26

11:30-11:45 “Climate Crisis: Truth in 10” – Kathleen Grant
11:45-12:15 “How Greenhouse Gases Work” –  Bill Schreiber
1:15-2:15 “Basics of Ocean Acidification” –  Catherine Duckett
2:45-3:15 “Short-Termism” –  Scott Jeffrey
3:15–4:00 “Sea Level Rise” – Tom Herrington

Tuesday, October 27

10:30-11:15 “Post-Covid Reset: Recommendations for Ocean-Climate Action and a Sustainable Blue Ocean Economy for New Jersey” – Tony MacDonald, Johanna Vanderhorst*
11:30-1:00 “Faculty Research and Teaching in Humanities and Social
Sciences” –  Mary Kate Azcuy, Heide Estes, Golam Mathbor, Michael Phillips-Anderson, Karen Schmelzkopf
3:00-3:30 “An Algorithmic View of the Natural Environment in Video Games” – Kate Gatto
3:30-4:00 “Economic Analysis of Hurricanes related to Climate Change” – Avery Jackson*
6:00-7:00 “Wake Up to Climate Change: Harmful Algal Blooms and Other
‘Nasties’ in our Coastal Waters” – Jason Adolf

Wednesday, October 28

9:30-10:00 “Food/Agriculture and Climate Resilience” – Jeanine Cava
10:15-11:15 “An Interdisciplinary Approach to Teaching Climate
Change in NJ Classrooms” – Jiwon Kim, Michelle Schpakow, Alexandria Marchesani*, Mary McGee*,  Brielle Sadowski*
11:40-1:00 “Air Pollution 101: Understanding Air Pollutants and Climate Change” – Tiffany Medley
1:15-2:15 “Engaging with Millennials about Climate Change” – Stanton Green
3:00-4:00 “Workshop: Exploring Climate Solutions with the Climate Interactive Web Tool” – Catherine Duckett

Thursday, October 29

2:45-3:45 “Eco-Grief and How We can Develop an Ecological Wellness Plan” – Megan Delaney
4:00-5:00 “Anthropocene Accountability Litigation Against the Fossil Fuel and Animal Agriculture Industries: Confronting Common Enemies to Promote a Just Transition” – Randall Abate
5:00-5:30 “World On Fire: Collaborative Student Performance of Adapted Poetry on Climate Crisis” – Deanna Shoemaker, Sophia Parola ’18, Penelope Elliott*, A’liah Moore*, Nick Sewell*, Emmanual Christian*, Jeff Dicken*
6:30-7:30 “Climate Crisis and Environmental Justice: What Can We Do?” – Heide Estes

Friday, October 30

10:00-10:30 “Strong Evidence for the Effects of Climate Change on Wildlife” – Sean Sterrett
11:00-12:00 “Interconnected Challenges; Interconnected Solutions: The Fight for Climate and Social Justice” – Kathleen Grant
12:00-1:00 “Addressing Climate Change in Environmental Justice Communities
& Exploring the Threat of Climate Gentrification” – Melissa Alvare
1:30-2:25 “Climate Change and the Voiceless” – Moderator: Randall Abate.
Daniel Conte,* Michelle Etienne,* Anastasia Francisquini,* London Jones,*
Arione Santiago*
3:00-3:30 “Climate Change Communication in India” – Lisha Samuel*
4:00-5:00 “Faculty Research Roundtable” – Kimberly Callas, Moderator
[Note: For Monmouth Faculty]

*student presenters

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