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School of Nursing and Health Studies

Philosophy and Mission


The Department of Nursing reflects in its philosophy the mission of Monmouth University: to provide a learning process and environment that enables students to realize their full potential and enhance wellness for individuals, families, diverse groups, and the community.

The faculty believes that nursing is a learned profession with a unique body of knowledge.  Nursing is not only a science arrived through scientific research but also an art which reflects the performance of skilled tasks and human interaction.  Such breadth of professional knowledge can only be attained with the system of higher education.

Education for nursing is idealistic and future-oriented yet sufficiently realistic to provide students with an opportunity to develop justifiable confidence in their intellectual, as well as clinical, proficiency in the practice of nursing.  This preparation can occur only within an environment that allows for individual differences and fosters personal integration, healthy self-esteem, vital social awareness, enjoyment of leisure, and a sense of commitment to attitudes and values of the nursing profession.

The Department of Nursing believes that the Monmouth University graduate programs in nursing prepare the graduate for advanced nursing practice and extend the values of autonomy, leadership, and professionalism that are stressed in the undergraduate nursing program and to the nurse prepared at the graduate level.  The function of the graduate is to promote, restore, and maintain health and/or allow for a peaceful, dignified death.

Professional nursing is an art and science that is concerned with human health and welfare.  Nurses act individually and collaboratively by motivating persons to value health, promoting social change, and advocating for those in need.  Nursing education at Monmouth University provides a learning environment which enables baccalaureate and graduate students to realize their full potential and to enhance the quality of life for individuals, families, groups, and a diverse population.


The mission of the Department of Nursing of the Marjorie K. Unterberg School of Nursing and Health Studies is to provide high quality baccalaureate and graduate education programs to diverse student populations for development of potential nurse leaders.  Graduates are committed to lifelong service to the nursing profession and prepared to enhance the quality of life for diverse populations in a global and increasingly interdependent society.