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FO 298 - Special Topics in Foreign Literature

Reading in English translation of works by foreign authors. Topics may center on works by a single author or be chosen from a period or genre, and will vary from semester to semester.

FO 427 - The Teaching of World Languages

This course is designed to prepare the World Language teacher candidate's understanding of the ACTFL performance guidelines and standards together with their application and assessment in the classroom. Various modes of teaching language will be explored including meaningful integration of the ACTFL 5 C's and Integrated Performance Assessments into each lesson. Professional development is explored and students must complete a professional Development Plan that includes joining professional affiliations. Preparation for the edTPA is included in this course with one lesson in the target language to be presented and videotaped in class for self and group assessment. This course will include pedagogical strategies related to teaching linguistically diverse students, students with diverse needs, using instructional technology and using data to inform instruction. These components provide the students with valuable pre-teaching experiences that will strengthen understanding of teaching strategies and capabilities. (Also listed as ED-427). Clinical hours are required.

FO 599 - Independent Studies in the Teaching of World Languages

Curriculum development in foreign languages at the elementary and secondary level; the study and application of teaching methods and materials.