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FF 101 - Elementary French I

An elementary-level, communicative-based language course. Intended for students with no French at all or no more than two years of high school French. Practice in the classroom is supplemented by work in the language laboratory. FF-101 and FF-102 are sequential.

FF 201 - Intermediate French I

An intermediate-level, communicative-based language sequence. A review of French grammar, vocabulary and communicative structures, this course sequence (FF-201 and FF-202) emphasizes skill development in speaking, listening comprehension, reading, and writing in French through oral and written practice in the classroom and in the language laboratory. Students will also be introduced to French literature and culture through short literary and non-literary texts. FF-201 and FF-202 are sequential. Students who register for FF-201 must also register for a weekly session of conversation practice in the World Languages and Cultures Resource Center, coordinated by the Department of World Languages and Cultures. Prerequisite: Four years of high school French or FF-102.

FF 303 - Advanced French Composition and Conversation

Oral and written use of correct, idiomatic French vocabulary building, oral discussion, composition, and instruction in the presentation of material. Prerequisite: Twelve credits in French.