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  • Welcome to the Department of Philosophy, Religion, and Interdisciplinary Studies

    The Department of Philosophy, Religion, and Interdisciplinary Studies keeps consistent with the University-wide commitment to first-rate education by teaching philosophy and religion in a progressive and introspective environment. Those enrolled will work with experienced and impassioned teachers and mentors.

    Students will explore different philosophical and religious traditions as a means of facilitating their personal and intellectual growth. With this strong liberal arts offering, students will be able to adapt and apply their knowledge in not only philosophy and religion but in general education. Moreover, students who have a philosophy background will have the ability to work in many fields across multiple disciplines. Graduates will be empowered to reach their full potential as leaders in their chosen field.


    Philosophy explores the heritage of ideas that shape modern life and thought. The goal of the curriculum is to engage students in disciplined and imaginative thinking about life’s deepest questions. Philosophy explores the nature of truth, justice, beauty, and goodness. Philosophy courses ask questions about knowledge, ethics, morals, aesthetic values, contemporary societal values, and the nature of reality. A major goal is to develop clear and logical thinking. Currently, minors in Philosophy and in philosophy/religious studies are offered. No matter which program you choose, including the study of philosophy will offer thoughtful, analytical discourse with practical applications.

    Religious Studies

    Religious study courses delve into the rich and diverse texts, ideas, cultures, and applications of world religious traditions. Courses are designed to relate the phenomenon of religion to the totality of human existence. The pervasive and often veiled influence of religion in world cultures is essential to a contemporary understanding of the international arena and the cultures with which twenty-first century citizens interact.

    Interdisciplinary Studies

    The Interdisciplinary Studies baccalaureate degree is designed to enable students to prepare for careers that bridge academic disciplines. Students have the opportunity to develop a distinctive and intellectually challenging course of study from multiple departments. To forge appropriate responses to contemporary issues, today’s students will need to synthesize knowledge from many sources to deal with evolving issues. The purpose of the Interdisciplinary Studies degree is to focus on the needs and unique aspirations of the student who wishes to concentrate study in more than one discipline.

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