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Walter D Greason, PhD

Dean of the Honors School

PhD, Temple University

BA, Villanova University

Phone: 732-263-5308


Web site: Walter Greason


Dr. Greason's research focuses on the comparative, economic analysis of slavery, industrialization, and suburbanization. He serves as the Treasurer for the Society for American City and Regional Planning History, which is holding its national conference this year in Cleveland, Ohio, from October 26 through 29, 2017. With a variety of co-editors, Dr. Greason has published Planning Future Cities (2017) - an innovative look at architecture, urbanism, and municipal design - as well as The American Economy (2016) - a provocative examination of race, property, and wealth in the United States since 1750. His scholarly monograph, Suburban Erasure, won the Best Work of Non-Fiction award from the New Jersey Studies Academic Alliance in 2014. He also won grants from the Mellon Foundation (2011) and the National Endowment for the Humanities (2016).

His recent online resource, the Racial Violence Syllabus, attracted worldwide attention at the peak of the controversy surrounding the "Unite the Right" rally at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Virginia. Translated into seven languages, it reached more than 4 million direct users and drove the public debate surrounding the removal of Confederate memorials across the United States in venues as varied as National Public Radio, The Atlantic magazine, and The Chronicle of Higher Education.



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